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Hello Hoosier Bob!

I have a '97 PS190. I believe it to be one of MC's best boats...(hint: I ski short line so I don't care about anything longer than 32' off)

I do use my boat for more than just my passion for short line. I have family and friends who ski and tube (all ski levels) - and we play on large lakes... so night time boating is done often.

I like the fact that my boat is pretty much stocked ready for anything.. dual spot lights is a must. One real deal and a waterproof battery backup Dual anchors... because as I mentioned... I do boat on a large lake with sandbars and I need to control the boat 100%.

I can store quite a bit up in my bow currently and I can still get two skis comfortably on the side gunnels... but if I do that... that effects where the cooler is stored and walk around area

Like I said.. My verdict is still out on the new boat... I need to see this new design in function.. .not just on facebook.

Chances are however... I will own my '97 until I can't physically ski anymore and I will die a happy happy happy man!
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