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The only thing that is saving the optional bow configuration for me is one thing.. and that is the ski racks on the sides... My traditional bow storage is needed... no IFs ANDs or BUTs! If this boat can't give me the same storage as a traditional bow then it loses for me. I carry two slalom skis and a combo pair at all times @ minimum.....I can put four skis in the new racks...the remaining storage should be sufficient to handle the rest of the stuff? Dual anchors, a sh!t load of life jackets coast guard and ski vests...dual spot lights, blankets, towels... etc...etc..Will it all fit in the new optional bow configuration?

Also, what about the gell coat in the bow area if there is an anchor flying around in storage? Is there any risk of damaging side gell coat walls? Of course, since there has been so little data released on the new boat...I still have lots of questions regarding its true crossover functionality....and I for one am not going to give it two thumbs up without much more consideration.

Where would a heater core go? for example? and all the hoses that provide the heat to the passengers? How would all of that work?
I agree. We all have to wait and see. All we really know is the basic hull design.
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