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Originally Posted by TRBenj View Post
If you had water in every single cylinder (and a lot of it) then my bet would be exhaust manifolds as well. If you had noticed water dripping out of the ports when you removed them to pull the heads, that would have been a big clue. Failed riser gaskets can do the same thing, but usually wont allow gross amounts of water in very quickly (thus hydrolocking the motor).

I would pull the exhaust manifolds and pressure test them. Both would have to be junk for you to get water in both banks- but Ive seen it happen due to an overheat. I have seen intake manifolds crack from the same overheat, and that will exacerbate the water in the oil symptom. It sounds like the boat sustained some damage prior to you getting it... I'd consider pulling the intake and looking for evidence of water intrusion in the valley while you have it apart.

How long has it been since the water showed up? If its been more than a few days, theres a chance your fresh heads may be all rusted up in the area of the exhaust valve seats. Dry it out ASAP and compression test.
The boat ran great two weekends ago, until the starter failed. I tried starting it last Friday and that's when the water showed up. I coated each cylinder with a layer of engine oil after I blew the water out with an air hose real good.

I think I will pull the risers tonight get the manifolds pressure tested, and check the torque of all the heads and intake. When I had the intake off last it was in great condition, but of course I didn't have it test or anything.

Has anyone purchased the 159.00 manifolds on ebay? They say they are made in the good old US of A. I wonder if they are any good.
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