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While I like the boat.. I feel they over thought a few things..

Like WHY WHY WHY do we need a boat that can be both open bow and or closed bow? This option to me seems to benefit the manufacturer costs and screws the guys who really want the true closed bow boats. I wonder if this "do both" option boat does either one of the functions as well as the traditional designs... Personally, I would never really care to own an open bow competition ski boat. I would NEVER want six people in my boat when I ski short line? DUH!

I have enough crap to carry around... without the option to carry optional seats and hood covers. I'm just not seeing the new design as being that great..

I was excited about the boat when it was first released.. but as I have been learning/thinking more about it... I'm losing interest.. not that I would EVER be able to afford it so it probably doesn't much matter what I think...

Things I do like.. the dash.. that improvement was a long time coming.. simple analog gauges would be okay with me too..
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