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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
Would love to see pics. I've been wanting to add one, but can't figure out best location. Did you run a tube to the pass side? Defrost?
I have not taken any pics yet, but I'll be sure to.

I removed the storage bin ahead of the driver and mounted it there (between the opening and the aluminum bar that runs diagonally underneath the dash. Just enough room to have the fan pointing upward with the fan motor on bottom. I mounted it using some 1x2" plastic I had laying around. The 5/8 hoses run directly up to it from the access tube (where the cables run). I made a closeout panel for behind the bow seat back out of plastic I bought at Tap Plastics. The only downside I can see to mounting it pointing upward is that a leak in the core may take out the fan motor. I'm not worried about that yet. I fused the connection.

I cut two holes in the carpeted kick panel that mounts up just above the driver's feet.
One blower tube points at the driver's feet, the other is a pull out with more than enough length of flexible hose to use for passenger needs. It can be pushed back in when not in use. I didn't want to run anything up around the bow. It is more useful for me as a pull out to tuck under a towel after skiing.

For the fan switch, I removed the existing ignition kill switch and used the existing hole for the switch, plate and knob for the fan. It mounts in there perfectly, just to the right of the throttle control and is not in the way at all. I just tucked the kill switch into the panel below since I never hook up to it anyway. I might make a mount for it in the future.

The hot water was tapped from the intake manifold with a brass tee. The temp sensor sits on top and the 5/8" hose connects to the side. The cold intake is a tee from my existing flush connection at the raw water intake (I run my boat in salt water often and need to flush afterward). My only concern is the rise in temp running through my trans cooler. not sure that is an issue.

I land tested it with a hook-up hose and it supplies decent heat at idle and really throws out heat once revved to 1.5K. Should be great on the water this winter.
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