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Broken shaft-has this happened to anyone?

I was cruising along last Wednesday at approximately 30 mph when I felt a slight bump, then it was like the boat was in neutral. Everything was fine, except no thrust. After getting a friend to tow me back to the dock, we discovered that the shaft had broken right in front of the prop. No major event like hitting a log or running aground preceded the shaft breaking. Over the 21 years of the boat's life I've wound a couple ski ropes around the prop, causing it to stop cold, and I've dinged the prop a couple times on my boat lift. But nothing worse than those events. Also lost was my $415 Michigan Wheel Ambush prop.

After getting the boat into my garage and pulling the shaft, I rolled it on the garage floor to see if it was bent. The shaft seemed to be dead straight.

Has anyone ever heard of this happening before? The boat is a 1992 ProStar 205, standard 351 Ford engine with 1:1 Velvet Drive. The shaft is 1" diameter and is heavy duty steel. Was it a manufacturing defect that took two decades to fail?
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