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Originally Posted by Coffeyman76 View Post
I always keep mine bow in still. Get it close to beaching then drop the box anchor (awesome awesome awesome anchor) off the rear, let it stretch and catch then drive the slide anchor into the beach. Take a few seconds and get the bow and stern lines tight and she doesn't move even with the rollers.

This allows me to be off the sand (no scratches) but have the bow ladder (yay pickle fork) dropped down and touching the ground or very close and still have the swim platform in deep enough water to jump in/hang out/use and not worry about the prop/shaft dragging. Its a pain to wade in 5 feet every time I want to get into the boat when it is reversed in, plus my islands/beaches can get crowded and getting backed in/turned around can be a pain too. The several times I backed in I ended up with the prop in the sand having to push off/empty ballast to get off the back. Just seems like more trouble to me.

Secured properly it doesn't move even with idiots throwing big breakers on the beach trying to look cool cruising close by. If it starts to rub I few adjustments of the rope and it is fully off the beach again.

Example pic attached. Probably 5' deep off the stern and a solid 12 to 18 inches under the bow but the ladder is on the sand.
That is exactly how I do it. Can pull it in close enough to load all the beach crap without wading through water.
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