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Originally Posted by gweaver View Post
Get an anchor buddy and about 100 feet of line, use that to anchor the boat away from the shore. The stretch of the anchor buddy will allow you to pull your boat in to load/unload. Release the rope and your boat will be pulled back out to a safe distance from shore.

Not sure how to describe it best, but the 100 ft line runs from the end of the anchor buddy to shore. I've tied a couple of loops in it- one attaches to the ski pylon, one to the stern/transom loop. There are two more loops tied in the line which I use to allow the boat to float farther from shore for mooring and closer when I need to get on/off. I use a concrete stake on shore to tie off the stern line, hooking the loops over it depending on my needs. As mentioned in an earlier post, use a buoy to mark your line when you're out using your boat.

I have used the anchor buddy for years with no issues. Gives me peace of mind!
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