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Originally Posted by JRW160 View Post
Right, I am assuming he does not push it using the coupler.
You're correct. I push it into the garage by pushing on the bow of the boat.

My tongue doesn't look like the one in Rockman's pic, FWIW. Mine is a fold-away with a chrome coupler.

I've done some more research in the forum and see there is a tab which needs to be pushed back on my style of tongue. I'm wondering if that is the problem. If that is the case, do I need something to hold that tab in place?

Another question I have relates to the fact that I leave the tongue latch "open" once I disconnect the trailer from the tow vehicle. Does this affect the brakes at all? I think I've always left that open when pushing the boat, but I'm curious if the brakes are set if the latch is open.
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