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Originally Posted by fletch_n_me View Post
VP46 - are you an Orion guy? My brother flew P-3s with '46 out of Moffatt for years till they shipped him to Pax River.

Anyway, my German Shepherd had better boating manners than any other member of the family - he used to go lay on the back seat even when the boat was tied to the dock. Now I have 2 dachshunds that love riding in the boat. The way I look at it, they are members of the family and we love having them with us. They make much less of a mess than small kids...
heck yeah my dog doesn't drop goldfish or pringles or hide a wet towel for me to find later.
This forum is amazing with quality people.: I did not think i'd ever own an Inboard. Now I finally have a gorgeous 94 205 I am glad I have ya'll backing me up.
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