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There are FOUR things you'll need. 1. A Box Anchor. 2. Two Slide anchors. 3. A round buoy.
The best way to do this is anchor the boat backwards so the get won't get scratched. Get close to the beach and have people in the water, cut the motors and let the boat stop. The people will turn you around. Take the two slide anchors and hammer them in the sand(if you don't know what a slide anchor is they are on youtube), don't tie the ropes us yet.Throw the box anchor is to the water about 10-20ft in front of the boat and tie it to a hand rail or cleat; leave no slack. You will want the buoy connected to the box anchor rope to people don't run over it. Now connect the ropes from the slide anchor to the little hooks where the tie down straps go. your boat will be solid with that.
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