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Brakes engage when pushing boat in and out of garage

So, I'm hoping there is an easy fix/solution to this issue. My trailer seems to work great when I'm towing, both forward and backward. I don't feel the brakes engaging when I don't want them to and can back up without an issue. I do feel them when I'm towing down a hill, as I would expect.

However, over the past month, the brakes have been on whenever I have the boat unhooked and am pushing it into or out of the garage. (With my garage, the only way the collapsed tower will fit under the door is if I push it in with the tongue all the way down after unhooking.) In the past, I could back the boat into the garage until the tower was about to hit the frame of the garage, then get out, block the wheels, unhook the boat, lower the tongue all the way and push the boat the rest of the way in.

It is a bit of a hassle, to be sure, but boat slips are very spendy here and my neighborhood doesn't allow boats or RV's to be stored in the driveway or street. In the past, though, the boat has been easy enough to roll in and out of the driveway.

However, the boat barely moves now and I can hear humming/rubbing from both sides of the trailer. It takes two people and lots of grunting to get the boat in and out of the garage.

I've hooked up the boat to the tow vehicle and had my wife drive slowly to make sure the brakes aren't engaged when towing - - - they don't seem to be. Plus, I don't feel them surging or engaging and there is no smell or abnormal heat when I've been towing. I think this is only when the tongue is down.

Again, this didn't happen for a long time - - - it has only started as of a month ago.

Are there any easy fixes?
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