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Originally Posted by mladen x35 View Post

I was thinking to do the same on my boat, switch to HD camera!

you need to change complete set ( camera,recorder and cables) because POV 1.5 is not compatible with POV HD!

I contact VIO company, 600$ was offer for complete set!

Good thing is that with new cable you will have microphone so you can record audio and video!
Did you ever try the HD option? Curious how the conversion went and how much difference you noticed with the camera.

The original tower cam came with my boat. I would not have paid $1500 for the original option now that I've seen it in action - video quality not worth it. Since it was effectively free to me (bought boat used and I didn't increase my offer price for it having the cam), it's been fun to play with, but now that mine is broken I'm struggling to decide whether its worth fixing and/or replacing it. I'm leaning towards just buying a medium quality handheld camera that I can hand to somebody in the boat.
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