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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
salt water and iron - yikes... looks like hull in good shape.

what's your estimated budget on the complete restoration?
New, used, rebuilt? Living in Florida has it's advantages when looking for used boat parts. Your mechanical ability and amount of time you are willing to invest in parts search and repair will greatly impact the final cost. I would toss the block and heads and go with a rebuild or used. If you buy from a rebuilder you should also factor in the core cost. I doubt a rebuilder will take that motor for a good core. If you know how to rebuild a chevy V-8 you can easily come in around a 1000 bucks for a do it yourself used motor. Just about any early 90's chevy pickup engine with throttle body injection can be converted cheaply if you have the tools and can match casting codes. Things I would go new on are the manifolds, engine water pump, transmission cooler, and flex plate.
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