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Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
I'm no pro, but suggest getting a faster rythm. It looks like you're hanging out waiting to make your turns. I used to do this all the time...
Good advice. Without buoys I never know how far to go and I can see how losing my speed by coasting flat and then starting to sink (esp. at my size) would kill my ability to turn.

Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
Great tip... measure 38 feet 7 inches away from the boat with the rope length you are using... put some tape on the sides of your boat to indicate (kinda) where the buoy will be. Then you can really start working your rhythm. As Ryan says... watch the corner of your boat - when your rope approaches the tape you should be ready to turn...
I remember this from a previous thread. Did you just do this on dry land with the rope hooked up?

Originally Posted by TxsRiverRat View Post
For me, getting in the slalom course only made me realize how bad I really sucked. Before I got in the course, I was a waterskiing legend (in my own mind)
Haha, ditto to this. I free skied behind the boat with some friends, and they thought I was amazing. Little do they know
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