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Originally Posted by JMLVMI View Post

I feel like I've got enough speed through the wakes to run the course at [email protected], but I can't seem to turn hard or fast enough. Would love to hear some feedback...

Paging TxsRiverRat

BTW the Ski-Doc camera mount worked great for filming. Links to my equipment in the description of the video...
I'm no pro, but suggest getting a faster rythm. It looks like you're hanging out waiting to make your turns. I used to do this all the time...

If you can carry your outbound speed into a turn it will allow the ski to bend in the water and help you turn faster. This was the coolest sensation for me to develop. The catalyst to getting it right was a tip from a guy at a ski club: initiate your turn as soon as the rope gets to the the corner of the boat and reach. That tip helped me do a few things at once, look up at the boat, got my shoulders fixed up better and got me to take advantage of what my ski for what it was designed to do.

Before this, I was working harder, getting sore faster and not having as much fun as I do now.
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