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Originally Posted by Smarten View Post
WOW!!!! She is looking GREAT! I have the same boat and I love the hinge idea for the sun deck. I put my gas shocks on the outside edges and seem to have had pretty good luck with them there. Adding the latch this weekend. What did you make the engine compartment dividers out of. If the ones in my boat warp any more, I will be able to use them for a taco shell template. Also, how hard was the seadek pad to install? I've been considering one for a while now. It definately looks sharp.
The hinge came out great, I'm really happy with it since the old one was about to fall apart.

We were all set to mount the gas struts to the sides but at the last second we decided to keep them out of the way of loading stuff into the compartments while on the trailer.... and we were a little scared to drill into the fiberglass right there haha. Do you have a picture for reference of how you mounted your struts and latch? I'm hoping to do that before this weekend.

The engine dividers are made out of 3/4" PVC board that we reinforced with aluminum angle on the tops and bottom. We just traced the old dividers onto the PVC and cut them out. The old one looked like tacos as well! Everytime I would fill ballast they would pop out of the track and frustrate me New ones are rock solid!

The SeaDek pad was really easy to install, just make sure you have a clean surface and it'll take you 5 mins to stick it down. I watched the installation video a couple times beforehand:

Thanks for the compliments!
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