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Installing Heater in 1992 PS205

Hey guys,

I just bought a small two-vent heater from Summit to install in my 1992 PS205. I read every existing thread here about heater installs. I need to utilize the under dash area ahead of the drivers kick panel for mounting the unit. I already have the passenger side full with a sub, 2 batteries and amps. I have removed the storage bin ahead of the driver (in the bow) and will be installing a flat panel in its place to free up space.
The spacing is pretty tight in there and it seems the best mounting options are to install it with the core facing either vertical (with the input/output 5/8 tubes on the bottom) or with the core and vents pointed upward (fan mounted under the core).
Both options require that the incoming water travel upward through the core. Has anyone encountered this or been forced to mount the unit in a non-horizontal method? And did it have any affect on the performance? As it is, the unit is a bit higher than the engine, but heater cores in cars are often mounted this way as well (though the coolant/water does not have to travel as far).
If possible, I do not want to add an additional circ pump to push/pull water. I plan on using a y-fitting or t-fitting on the raw water intake to move water through the heater core.
Sorry for the long description & thanks in advance for any advice!
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