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Another thing (well, a bunch of others)- if you ski/boat with any size of group, call around and negotiate a bulk price on oils, filters, chemicals (fuel additives, anti-freeze, carb/throttle body cleaner, spray silicone for anti-corrosion, brake fluid), etc. If you all have a common place to meet that won't cause problems fro neighbors WRT noise, water runoff, etc, do it in groups so the more experienced can help the newer boat owners. Also, you could chip in for a large watering trough (I got one that holds 50+ gallon RubberMaid at Fleet Farm) and install a splash guard so the exhaust won't overshoot, wasting it. I used a piece of old conveyor belt and screwed it to the trough. I also had a battery with a remote switch that powered a 1000 gpm bilge pump for running stern-drive boats (the water intake didn't always go deep enough in the trough). If you buy a drum of anti-freeze (-50°F), it should take care of everyone's boats and when you run the engine on pure anti-freeze, there's no chance of having water pockets in the engine. Drain the engines before starting and use oil booms to absorb oil-based stuff that ends up in the trough.
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