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Anyone with basic skills that has the time and the will to learn something new can do this. it's not rocket science. Get a good check list, do your research and check off one item at a time. When you're done I guarantee you'll have learned something useful and know more about your boat. And who knows when you're out on the water one day and something goes wrong you may be able to fix it yourself.

Another thought is that not all winterizations are created equal. I can guarantee you the procedure I do on my boat is much more comprehensive than what I've seen at any dealer or shop in my area but that's because it's my boat and I want it ready for spring. You'd be surprised what some places consider winterization and how much they'll charge for a poor job. You really need a good shop with a good reputation that you can trust to do it right.

I do agree with Jim's statement but it's not like you need a bunch of exotic tools and the ones you buy will pay for themselves after two seasons. Maybe less depending on how much of a haircut you get by the locals. Start by looking up winterization on this site and go through the check list. Where you have questions do more research. You can always get help here. Suck it up and learn to do something for yourself.....
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