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Originally Posted by svxwilson View Post
I need some advice. I ride left foot forward and I have never actually ran a course but I am a aggressive open water skier. I weigh 185lbs and am 6', I ride a HO Freeride 2009 with double attack 2012 boots. I can carve deep hard and fast from the right side but I have issues doing the same thing from the left side. I had a friend recommend initiating the left side turn one handed to pull my body around. I was outside the wake to the left and worked on my left turn a bunch the last day out and was slowly getting better with the one hand practice but it still didn't feel right. I am aware that my technique probably needs a lot of work as I am completely self taught.
Looking for some help on getting better at crossing the wake on edge and help carving harder.
That’s because left to right it is your offside pull.

A few things to try:

1. As you turn the ski, plant the handle and ski to it.
2. Look at the pylon in the boat
3. Give your right shoulder to the boat instead of pointing your shoulders in the direction of travel
4. Center your body on the ski so you have 65-70% of your weight on the front (you don’t want to tail ride).

Try that next time out and have someone film you. let me know how that works for you.
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