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Originally Posted by djr47 View Post
What do you mean by gaurdian mode? I'm having a simliar issue with my 2005 X-star with an MCX. Take it to the dealer and they said they cannot read the codes because they are soft codes and are deleted off the computer after 3 warm up and cool down cycles.

Dealer fixed what they thought was the issue and the next weekend we take the boat out and it throws check engine on the first set back! The boat looses power and sits in neutral flashing check engine with the engine running but no control with the throttle (is this what you mean by gaurdian mode?) We turn the boat off then on and it works fine.

I think my issue has something to do with my perfect pass as I only experience the check engine with perfect pass on. Looking at buying my own code reader to scan the code as soon as it happens out on the water to solve the problem once and for all.
IIRC, it was three key on, throttle max/min three times, key off cycles that cleared codes.

If the dealer wasn't using a diagnostic computer, they need to get in the game. This allows them to not only read the data in real time, it also lets them take a snapshot of what's happening at any moment in time and this needs to be done several times, to see if something changes when the throttle is static.
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