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Originally Posted by d2jp View Post
That pink material remain on the hull in the pictures is the same thing mine had, pretty sure it's Bondo. That was probably the best choice of attempting to bond aluminum to fiberglass back then, but today, there are a lot of more advanced resins that will both bond better, and allow for some flex to accomodate the vibration and movement that could occur in that area. I used West System's G-Flex, thickened into a paste and 'bedded' the aluminum stuffing box into that. I considered 3M 5200 but decided on G-Flex after talking to tech support at WS.
Ended up using epoxy then mat and sealed it all in with gelcoat..

To my disappointment, the vibration is still there after all the work this past couple weeks. . Turns out it was the engine skipping a cylinder the whole time.. a quick compression check showed cylinder 1 had only 10lbs or so, all others were 135ish.. I threw a bit of oil in the cylinder and no change so narrowed it down to a valve. After p7lling the valve cover right there jumping out at me was a rocker out of place, the stud had snapped. Replaced and for a minute all seemed well until I gave her a bit of throttle, problem still there. Im guessing it just snapped again.. havent had any time to tear it down again but for now im on 7 cylinders
My restoration thread here!!
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