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August 9, 2013: Deck is finally getting started tomorrow!

After a slight delay due to weather, we are finally going to get the deck started tomorrow....hopefully. I did manage to get the posts holes drilled and the pier footers in last weekend and then proceeded to dig and run my downspout lines. All total I put 380 feet of 4 foot pvc and a lot of fittings in the ground to carry the water away and with the rain we had this week it all worked well!

The machine I rented to last weekend with nothing shy of awesome as it was practically brand new and had the power! It took about 2 hours to drill 13 holes and it only took that long because I had never run an auger on a boom before and I was working alone, but let me tell you, it is the only way to go! I drilled 2 foot diameter hole down 4 feet, cleaned out the holes and filled each hole with 4 bags of concrete to bring the pier footer to 8" thick. Tomorrow we will set the posts and hopefully get the framing in place to tie it into the house and after that things will really fly.

Here are a couple of pics so far.
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