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Originally Posted by svxwilson View Post
Polar Bear Day in Texas??....I think I could easily do that. Montana Polar Bear day another story, walking across the ice to get to the hole in the ice which reveals the lake water. . I wish I had a slalom club around these parts(MT). I have never even seen a course let alone have the opportunity to ski it. Very jealous of what you guys have built down there.

Cheers! I would pound a few beers with Kyle, Not to challenge him, but to enjoy together! You guys rock. Keep it up!!!
Thanks man! I'm just a small piece of the whole history, which started 20+ years before I joined. I'm happy to have served 3 terms as prez and helped drive the club to a renewed life... I think I'll be a little sad when I step down as president, but I definitely will get to ski more in 2014...

I still plan to be an officer and help drive the club, just more from a passenger seat and not the driver's seat.

Anytime you find yourself in Texas, come ski with us - and pound a few beers down afterwards!
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