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I have a '08 and love it. I had a DD before, and for some strange reason the boat didn't grow with my famy! Reluctantly had to get a bigger boat and chose the X-2. We use it for skiing, wakeboarding and tubing. The wake for us is great for wakeboarding without ballasts, but fill 'me up and wow, a good pop. Keep in mind we are novices. I'm more of a skier, and the wake is not bad at all. Hard to compare the wakes of a DD and V-drive but the x-2's is really good. As for tubing, well tubing is tubing. Not a fan of tubers, as they tend to mess up good skiing water, but my youngest two like it, so I haul it around grudgingly.

Can't help you much on the garage issue. I have 16 foot doors on my shop, so no problems with storage. Good luck.
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