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I have the ZFT2 tower on my 2012, which doesn't exist anymore. It will not fit in a 7' door:
I don't know about the replacement ZFT4, but by the looks of it, it will only be worse. I have the single axle trailer. The tandem trailer gets you more clearance. Latin Flyer got one to fit in his garage: This thread also has some pictures of my custom hitch that I use to get mine into the garage. I jack the tongue up to drop the tower down, back it in, and then lower the tongue back down.

2012 added the autolaunch to the attitude plate. If you're going to load the boat up, it's a nice feature. 13's have it also. 2012's had a lot of software issues. They've updated software, and it's a lot better, but mine still acts up a little. As a 2012 owner, I'd recommend you go with a 2013 if possible.

I surf, wakeboard, and ski a little. I mainly wakeboard and added the flyhigh ballast kit. The surf wave has a lot more push than my old 02 X Star, but I've never been on any of the boats known for surf waves, nor do I care that much. Its not a world class surf wave, but it's a pretty good wave for a 20' boat.

Ski wake is pretty good for a 3500 pound V drive - if you have the attitude plate down around 75%. There's still a bigger than DD table for a wake, but it's definitely skiable, and some people even take it through the course. I have lots of friends with DD's, so I usually use their boats.

Wakeboard wake is plenty for me. With the standard ballast, it has a nice ramp to it. With the fly high kit, it gets a lot more height added to it. I've actually been only filling factory mostly this year to work on new tricks. It still has plenty of wake. The biggest issue is speed. If you start adding over factory, you really need to increase the speed to keep the wake from curling. With fly high bags filled, I'm running 23.6 mph to ride at 70' rope length.

It's a great boat if you're garage limited. I only have the 5.7L Ilmor, and with autolaunch, it works for me even with the fly high bags filled. The dealer just gave me an Acme 15x14.25 4 blade prop, and it gets out of the hole even better without losing on the top end.
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