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I have an '06 X2 and I is perfect for me and my family. A '12 or '13 will have the same hull with updated top deck that has a walk through sun pad and more pronounced cut outs for reverse seating in the bow. The newer ones will also have a center trim tab and maybe surf tabs as well. Mine has no tabs, but performs fine for me without them. It throws enough of a wakeboard wake stock that I don't even need to fill any ballast, but I am a novice rider if there ever was one. My kids are 9 and 7 so we will see over time if we ever need any more wake than what we have.

It makes a great surf wave on the starboard side with a 450 lb sac in the corner and my 250 lbs driving. My wife can surf all day rope less and is working on getting her spins down. We had the boat full of people last weekend and the wave was huge! I surf the port side with the extra 450 sac, and I struggle to stay in the pocket. I know this is rider error, though, and I am practicing my control of the board.

My garage door opening is only about 6' 8" and mine will not fit under the door. I have read many threads where others' boats do fit in a 7' door, though so my advice is to bring it home and try it at your house to make sure before you buy.

The X2 is the perfect boat for us. Plenty of wake, great size and more interior room and storage than any other 20 footer I have seen.
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