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So we had another ski league this year, which just ended 2 weeks ago... It was a great league this season, and the spaces sold out much faster than last year. In fact, there was a waiting list... I ended up having 11 competitors this year, where last year we had 6. Luckily, we only had all 11 show up two of the weeks because wow, we had to scramble to get it all put together...


Total # of skiers: 11
Total # of sets skied: 132
Club profit generated: ~$500
Tshirts: 15 total made to include the coach, and drivers
End of Ski league cookout provided by unused set dollars

We had a newbie to the slalom course who we now have so hooked, he is running the mini course and dying for more. We had weekly trash talk that was a carryover from last year... We even had side bets where one skier was challenging the coach... And with a 7 buoy handicap, only lost by 3 total buoys...

Highlight pics:

A couple of really nice wipeouts:

Some great skiing too:

The Tshirts:

The group pic and the end of ski league luau:

It was ALOT of work for me (and my aweseome crew Kyle and Phntmski) to put this on again this year, but to me, there is nothing better than a properly run event where we can all have a blast, build friendships and give a little something back to the club in exchange for exclusive use of the lake for 8 weeknights.

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