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Originally Posted by hig View Post

Yes, I am using a garden hose to feed the fresh water and that is a quick disconnect. What are my options for running the boat out of the water, early on in this thread Frank said some people draw water from a 5 gallon pail that is being refilled with a garden hose that seems like it would run out of water if the hose couldn't keep up.

What are my options, I'd love to be able to run it for an extended period of time to get some of the bugs out before I take it to the water? Does it matter if it's just idling or if it's running higher RPM's whether it is enough cooling or not.

Thanks, Steve
If the hose can't keep up with 5 extra gallons, how would it keep up if it's the only source of water? I have seen some engines pull 5 gallons with the hose supplying lots of additional water just on start-up, without revving it to higher RPM and it's not necessarily a long-term dry run, but insufficient water will damage the exhaust hoses if it runs long enough. If you want to run it at higher RPM, you'll need a larger container. A 20 gallon trash can works well for this- just make sure to monitor the water level.

If it was my boat, I would use a container that holds at least 10 gallons, with a hose of the same diameter as the one from the hull fitting to the oil cooler or raw water pump. Fewer fittings in the way means it will cause less problems. I understand wanting to be able to just turn a valve, but it takes part of a minute to attach a hose to run it on the trailer. Yeah, it can be a PITA to remove all of the stuff that's in the way of getting to the hose, but it works far better and would give me the peace of mind I want.

One piece of 1-1/4" hose, one hose clamp, a shut-off valve for the hose and maybe a short section to go from inside the boat to the container. If you have a water cooler and don't mind paying for an empty jug, use a hole saw to cut a hole for the 1-1/4" hose and stick the garden hose into the top, or vise-versa. Put some tarp repair tape on the top of the gunwale to keep the hoses from scratching and if you want to keep the hoses from moving, tape them in place before getting anything wet. It's cheap, easy and it works.
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