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Originally Posted by hig View Post
Well, the motor is in and running!! I started it quickly yesterday and had good oil pressure but I did not have the muffler installed. Today after installing that I started it and ran it for a few minutes, oil pressure was great and it sounded good but my idle was fluctuating up and down (surging). I'm hoping my cousin can come over this week and take a look at it with me, maybe it's as simple as the computer setting it's self up.

I also aligned the propshaft, the trans is over to the port side quite a bit but I was able to get everything aligned up and it looks good going thru the shaft log.

I am concerned about my fuel pump, it was froze up then I first tried it but after a few tries it started spinning but it seems very loud, I want to double check the fuel pressure to make sure that's working okay.

I still need to double check for leaks, get the idle straightened out, reassemble the dash and put the side decals on. I'm getting there.

What is the white PVC elbow for? Are you using a quick disconnect for the fresh water? That hole looks far too small to do any good for cooling. That needs to be at least the full 1-1/4" I.D. for it to pass enough water.
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