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Well, the motor is in and running!! I started it quickly yesterday and had good oil pressure but I did not have the muffler installed. Today after installing that I started it and ran it for a few minutes, oil pressure was great and it sounded good but my idle was fluctuating up and down (surging). I'm hoping my cousin can come over this week and take a look at it with me, maybe it's as simple as the computer setting it's self up.

I also aligned the propshaft, the trans is over to the port side quite a bit but I was able to get everything aligned up and it looks good going thru the shaft log.

I am concerned about my fuel pump, it was froze up then I first tried it but after a few tries it started spinning but it seems very loud, I want to double check the fuel pressure to make sure that's working okay.

I still need to double check for leaks, get the idle straightened out, reassemble the dash and put the side decals on. I'm getting there.

My progress thread: 1998 Maristar 200 VRS
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