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Yes you have got the Lexus guys by their nuts with that video you posted there. Done. Lexus is not even in the same league as the shop ridden Rover. I could be mistaken, maybe I am wrong. Maybe now that they are owned by Tata Motors of India they have fixed the reliability/high cost of maintenance issues.

Regarding Lexus/toyota - beat them to death and still only need to swap Pads and oil. (so I am told.. I am still trying to buy a newish used one, having trouble finding them for sale that are affordable).

I guess it really is not about the show for me, it's about being able to "go" when I want to with minimal headache (and this at an acceptable level of comfort).

From what I have been able to garner the Landcruiser/lexus will out last with 1/10th of the maintenance - try and buy a decent used one....2008's witj 50,000 miles are still $40k! A 2008 Range rover with 50,000 miles is $8,000.00

Go ahead buy a Range ROver... it's your money.
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