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Ok so I pulled on the arctic gear, pulled the boat out the garage and started playing. First thing to note is how much water is needed... I sucked my 2000lt rain water tank dry (528 gallons)

Timing: The last time I checked the timing it was set at about 10 degrees at 1000rpm (using paperclip), but as it was hunting arround I set it about in the middle. NOW after much work the mark was a lot more stable and seemed to be about 2 degrees out. Set is exactly on 10 degrees, checked, turned off and resterted and checked again... stable at 10degrees

Fuel pressure: At key up and idle it was about 25 to 26psi. Adjusted Fuel pressure regulator to 30psi at idle/1000/2000/3000 rpm.

Also changed oil and oil filter while I was there.

Does anyone think the 2 degrees timing and the 4psi fuel difference would solve the issue of the lack of revs??
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