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Thank you for the kind words Pap. For me, the most enjoyable part of owning/driving these cars is sharing them with other people. I prefer the classic stuff myself. 1950's-1960's are my favorite periods. I'm not a big fan of computer assisted driving such as ABS, TCS, and fuel injection systems. I feel much more connected with a vintage car that has none of that crap. Seeing as how I work around these types of vehicles on a daily basis, and periodically own them too, I certainly have become desensitized. As with anything in life, you spend enough time around it, and it starts to become normal! I used to enjoy the attention that driving a newer exotic would illicit, but now I actually get uncomfortable. Everyone want's to photograph/video you, ask you questions at every intersection, etc. It becomes a little overwhelming, especially in that orange Murcielago for example!

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Roverguy - I try very hard not to be envious of other people, but boy you make it hard. That is a beautiful collection of automobiles. I hope you don't take the pleasure of driving such works of beauty for granted after awhile.
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