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check your prop also, you may want to change pitch to avoid loading your motor. Call Eric at OJ props he can help you

I have a 900 in my corner locker (port side) you need to decide which side you want to surf on or change out both sides, bought from wakemakers (talk to Spencer), took 15 minutes to pull out old and put in new. One thing I would do is extend the hose to the new bag from your pump. It will reduce the kink in hose and allow for better water flow. Did this on vacation and improved my fill and empty time.

since you are going to order items you should also get new impellers (green) change them out on your pumps. Keep the old ones for spares if needed. wakemakers also

I spent some money on vacation for lessons with my kids and the instructor said my wake was very similar to the newer boats

I received a ton of help from the forum so trying to pay it back and help others, so if you need more info let me know I just did all of the items you are looking for
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