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Originally Posted by _fng_ View Post
Has anyone done this before and had to show documentation for their number of gallons claimed?

For TX it states, "refund claims must be supported by fuel receipts containing the following information:
name and location of sellar
name of purchaser
type of fuel purchased
date of purchase
number of gallons purchased
price per gallon
amount of tax paid on fuel

That is a lot of information I don't have! I figure I'll try and see if they request documentation.
All that information is on your receipt if you pay with a credit card. I have been doing this for boat and jet skis for years in Texas. I just keep all the reciepts and write on the back "put in 5 gallon cans for use in boat" (for some reason their office wants this on there). Collect them all summer then mail it all off with the proper form to get your road tax money back! They will send you a check within a month or so.
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