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I did not crank it as I did not want to put it in the water, but the mechanic told me that someone else came and looked at the boat and he lowered it into the water and cranked it up but did not let him take it for a spin given the damage. The mechanic claims it runs great. The prop should be able to be reworked for around $200 or less. A new Steering cable is about $150 or so for the part. The fiberglass work was for the bottom only and not the entire boat which is what had all the spider cracks in addition to the deck. You are right though. Someone could get into a good running boat for a decent price, assuming they can live with the rest of the damage. The trailer I found was a single axle for $2500 in North GA, so add at least $2k. If I were to buy the boat, I would not have even offered $10k, but that is just me. The good news is that the bilge pump and blower both worked. I did not bother checking the lights to see if they were operational or not. I made a spread sheet with everything that I would do to it and it was going to come out to just over $20k.
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