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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
What manual? We were told the pressure should be 30 pounds. The regulator isn't user-adjustable. It's possible to adjust it, but it's NOT supposed to be without doing it without the proper procedures.
AAHh yes...... the on line manual that says 30psi oops you are right, my bad!
Yes the fuel pressure regulator is adjustable via a screw below the bowl, (although should not be required) and he did unscrew it 3 turns.

I dont know how this will affect the fuel pressure at full throttle, as my limited understanding suggests fuel flow / volume will be the issue. If there is insufficient fuel flow then the pressure may be acceptable at low - medium revs but when full throttle is called for, the lack of flow will starve the engine for fuel and result in a low pressure reading. This is why I am installing a fuel pressure guage.

Regardless I will install guage and measure... Will let you know
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