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Originally Posted by chriscraftmatt1976 View Post
And I'll agree with Alberta Surfer on the pickle fork bows, not a fan. But then you say that's why you want a 230?!?!?! That Deck boat looking bow may be the only thing that would make me long for a pf bow! Talk about ugly! There's two of those on my lake, and I cringe every time they pull their tubers by with the ballast full. Some people have more money than brains I guess!
Oh doesn't that make no sense. I have seen people pulling tubes with full ballast too.

As well, the PF looks horrible. I love the room it adds to the bow but hate how it looks. Although if that was all that was offered I would buy one in the future as I'm sure if I held onto that need for the "old" look forever I would not be driving newer trucks etc etc. Gotta go along to get along you know?
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