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Originally Posted by willyt View Post
wrong again... MC is not the largest in terms of sales, or first... malibu has been the largest for awhile now (and hull #1 was based on a CC model). Maybe marketing 'monster' waves is a slight tweak on whats out there, but there have been plenty of boat manufacturers advertising surfing for awhile now.
Same with MC, so yes again you are wrong, my analogy is closer in comparison than everyone made it out to be. Just because there were boats before MC doesn't mean we owe the origin of the sport of boating to Noah's Ark does it? Do I have to explain word record towboat ... I don't think so.

Advertising surfing and advertising surfing adjustment abilities are two completely different approaches to marketing. One is saying "you can change it to your liking" the other is saying "Ours is the best in size and shape even though it takes 10 minutes to fill it up."

Then commoners look at Tige, Centurion and Malibu's latest storm marketing their abilities to switch sides and tweak the wake with ease has created discontent with MC. Having nothing even though your wave is the best makes you look like you have nothing to offer that others do for cheaper. Win for them. However, I think MC has stuck with this fine line of advertising quality and sheer size abilities for surfing through stock ballast that any Enzo out there would have to be slammed to make.

Of course this is all a rider preference. But after seeing the stock wave photos from the X46. Nothing compares to that with stock ballast. Nothing.
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