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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
They are both the biggest, the first and the last. Is all I mean't by it.

If you get into squishy details it all gets lost.
wrong again... MC is not the largest in terms of sales, or first... malibu has been the largest for awhile now (and hull #1 was based on a CC model). Maybe marketing 'monster' waves is a slight tweak on whats out there, but there have been plenty of boat manufacturers advertising surfing for awhile now.

Originally Posted by AlbertaSurfer View Post
They're too smack you in the face, look at all the billet, see how bright the orange is etc for this cat. I grew up skiing behind MasterCrafts, and wakeboarding behind Nautiques. It comes down to personal preference, and my next boat will be a Nautique 230 for sure. Don't get me wrong, I love MasterCraft, and I'm sure the new ones perform great, I just don't think I own enough white sunglasses and basketball jerseys to have one.
Sorry, not buying an MC because of all the bling is as stupid as buying an MC for all the bling. The fit and finish certainly adds a nice touch to the boats, but it should come down to on the water performance. I hope you like riding at 24.7 mph at 82.5 feet behind the boat. (btw since when is a 230 not a blingy boat?!?!). Also, i think they make MCs in other colors than orange. I own an xstar because i freaking love the wake behind it... the fact that its one of the sexiest wake making machines on the market is certainly a plus, but not the reason i bought it (we wakeboard 99% of the time we're on it).
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