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Unfortunately, more times than not, there are so many "boaters" out there that just don't have the same appreciation for boats as most on this forum, no matter what kind of boat they own. They simply buy a boat and are on their merry way. There is no formal training on what to do now that you are a boat owner. Sure it comes with a manual and it says some basic things, but how many people even read that? I think if I had a dealership, I would offer a class on some boating basics so at least the customer would be more aware of how to operate and treat a boat. At least do that for the first time boat owners, but there are way too many current boat owners too that could use a good class. They offer something similar for motorcycles and you get a discount on insurance after taking the class. Why not the same thing for boats? My wife tells me that I am anal when it comes to my vehicles, especially my boat, so maybe it is just me that thinks this way, but I doubt it.
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