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Originally Posted by JMLVMI View Post
Once again, whatever feels comfortable. I'm pretty sure I pull up that way but I can't remember right now.

Shouldn't feel weird; you'll be able to do a better job bringing the handle to your hips and your arms won't stick out like chicken wings...
That certainly makes sense...chicken wings...I do have to work at keeping my arms up against my vest. While we are at it...I thought I try to use a Big Girl rope for the 1st time this coming weekend. Up until now, I'm using a rope with a deep V in front of the handle and I have my ski tip poked up through it to hold it steady. And it holds it rock still. Any tips on what to concentrate on to make sure I don't start zig zagging all over the place when pulling up? If my left leg is forward, rope on the right side??? Correct?

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