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Originally Posted by Mark rsa2au View Post
Hi Guys, can any one tell me if there is an electronic rev limiter on the 310HP Preditor Motor/ 2001 350 TBI motor? If there is can I remove it? If not I still have a problem....

Once it gets to about 4500rpm, it seems to hit a wall and start to pull revs out to about 4300 then back up the 4500 etc. It is almost like a soft cut out rev limiter in a car, but lazy. Throttle is at about 2/3 and not full. Speed is about 38-39 mph.

Once run at high speed (Barefooting) and it hits this rpm, we shut down to get person in boat. Then I find the motor will start, kick over and die. It will do this untill I open the throttle and start on fast idle, then it starts ok and runs and starts fine.

Any ideas appreciated!!

Note the following parts have been replaced / repaired over the last 4 months:
Fuel filters, injectors, pump & pipes (pressure 25psi across the range). Also new sparkplugs, leads, distributer(cap and rotor), battery and cables. Also MAP and TPS, AIC. Also replaced all temp sensors, thermostats, impeller and pump.

Thanks a ton!
Check the fuel pickup in the tank and the anti-siphon attached to the aluminum block on the top of that. If it doesn't have an anti-siphon, make sure the fuel shut-off is fully open.

Stop replacing parts unless you can prove they're bad. I seriously doubt the MAP, TPS or IAC were faulty and the whole reason these engines have trouble codes is so time, effort and money isn't wasted on replacing parts.

The rev limiter kicks in at about 5200 RPM. The IC module isn't at fault- you already measured low fuel pressure and you need to keep going in that direction, IMO.
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