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Ran the boat this past Saturday with no oil leak issues. My problem may have been a stuck ring, I'm not sure. I filled the cylinders with a few teaspoons of a combination of sea foam and mystery oil. I let it set for about 30 minutes and rotated the engine every 30 minutes for so for about 3 hours. I then ran the engine. Afterwards I added a few teaspoons of ATF into the cylinders and let it set overnight. Ran the engine in the yard and then changed the oil and headed to the lake. Finger crossed it will continue to run fine. Dipstick popped up a few times when I ran wide open, but not when running 2000-2500 rpms as before.

Engine still seems to have excessive steam coming out of the exhaust at times. Engine never ran over 160 degrees though. Any thoughts or run as is?
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