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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
Carb, or EFI? If carb, it definitely could be vapor lock- can you verify that gas is going into the intake? With TBI, this is as easy as it it had a carb. If you see no gas being delivered, make sure the pump is activating when the key is turned to ON.

Has any work been done on the engine, other than oil changes and minor stuff like that?
It's a EFI, Mercury Scorpion 330HP engine. I think that's sequential injection, not TBI if I recall.

I'll check with her on the fuel pump turning on with key before start-up.

Nothing major on engine other than a few minor tune-up parts (plug, cap, rotor, fuel filter). However he did install a new alternator and possibly a new grounding wire......however, it was still behaving this way prior to his repairs.
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