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So after a couple of weeks of fun, a few issues have sprung up that I'll be trying to figure out over the next week or 2..
The boat's been taking on water since I've had it back in, seems to have gotten progressively worse and is now up about a gallon/hour if I had to guess. Spent a while trying to track down the leak without pulling the gas tank and found a couple areas of concern:

Right here, under the tank next to the rudder plate, there's a small constant dribble. This wasn't enough to accumulate but is there do be dealt with regardless, still not sure the source of the water but also noticed that it's coming from a rather long crack in the glass.. Might be a better winter project to reglass it all in, obviously the water coming through it is another issue.. Here's a closer shot:

Then the real culprit, which was staring me in the face the whole time:

I knew this looked terrible but until I read a bunch of threads on the same issue assumed it was just coming from the shaft packing.. (which I also replaced this weekend).. More to come on that, hoping to get it all reglassed before the weekend.
The biggest concern I have now is that on sunday, after 4-5 trips out, I started to feel a vibration at lower RPMs when in gear.. Between 1000-2000rpm was when it was worst, but from first time feeling to 2 trips out later in the day it got much worse, seemed to go away at higher rpms at first but got bad enough on the 3rd trip to decide to idle back to the dock and pull her out.
This vibration is what I'm most concerned about now and need to figure out (hopefully quick).. I checked the usual suspects and found no play in any direction at the prop end of the shaft, cutlass bearings likely need to be changed out due to age and sitting but I see and feel no play.. I also checked the prop from what I've read and did find one blade has some bends on the tip:

The only reason I'm tending to rule this out, is that this is what it's been since prior to my owning it. so why would it just show up?
I spoke to the shop that's done some work for me and they are going to check some measurements for me but felt one possibility could be that the shaft log is getting progressively worse and allowing the shaft to vibrate.. After seeing the construction of the shaft log and how it's attached to the hull, I'm not convinced it could prevent a shaft from vibrating..
Any ideas on any of the above is appreciated!!
My restoration thread here!!
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