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Originally Posted by LisaJ View Post
Your description of being cross course, not down course is really going to stick with me on my next ski session. For some reason, that has made perfect sense and now I just have to suck it up, commit to it and do it!

Any wisdom on why my ski is still bouncing so bad at times? It's like it gets started and then will not stop even if I say to myself, step onto your front foot more. I do not think it's all water conditions.
Glad I could help.

Bounce is because of coming off the edge too soon (I am often guilty of this) or going across flat (which is what you are guilty of lol).

I regularly ski behind several different boats besides mine. to name a few, a 93 PS190, a 93 PS205, a 91 PS190, a 98 PS205, a 06 TT 197, a 12 x7 and most recently an 11 200 Nautique... at 15 off, 30 mph, 32 mph and 34 mph, i seriously can not tell the difference in the wakes...

If my 205 wake is bigger than my buddies Nautique, I can't tell because I am on edge all the way across both wakes (at 15 off).
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