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Originally Posted by snork View Post
Is that a slalom grip, over/under or both hand over the handle
Slalom skiing as like a tug of war with the boat, looks like the boats winning
Practice cutting out away from the boat where you're at least 4 and 8 o'clock 6 being directly behind the boat, you're 5 and 7, then roll the ski on edge, hold that edge all the way to the opposite side then roll the ski on edge again heading back across the wake, hold edge back to the other side. Repeat, if your ski is flat crossing your wake you're gonna catch air
Don't forget applying weight to the front foot slows down the ski and applying weight to the back foot accelerates the ski
I didn't realize I was supposed to have a "slalom grip"...I have both hands over the handle.

My ski does catch air and that is mentally what has me backed off my edge at the wake....I didn't realize that I was actually making it worse on myself. All I could envision was jumping W2W on that narrow ski!!!!!

Envisioning the clock will certainly help for reference points.

Ya'll always have good eyes and do a good job of explaining.

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